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The principal consultant for Utley Petrophysics is Lee Utley.  Lee specializes in the analysis of unconventional reservoirs by using all rock and log data to develop integrated petrophysical solutions.  Lee is also the Houston representative for Petroleum Software Technologies, serving as consultant and project manager for petrophysical projects as well as providing technical support for their suite of resistivity and SP modeling software and neural network software.  After working for Halliburton as an engineer, he was employed as a petrophysical engineer with Mitchell Energy as the primary petrophysicist in the Barnett Shale and the Fort Worth Basin.  Lee has experience in many areas including the Rocky Mountains, the Permian Basin and the Texas Gulf Coast. International experience includes Germany, Romania, Belize and Malaysia.

Lee has a Bachelors degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas Tech University and a Masters degree in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University.  He is a member of SPE and has served as a chapter vice president in Houston of SPWLA.


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