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Utley Petrophysics

Utley Petrophysics offers a broad spectrum of advanced petrophysical and log analysis services.  We bring to bear extensive experience, specializing in the unique challenges of limited wellbore data.  We emphasize early integration of geological and engineering data to solve petrophysical problems and will accomplish your objectives within your time frame for any size project.

Our petrophysicists have successfully applied petrophysical technologies in a wide variety of locations, worldwide.  Our experience with resistivity and SP modeling and neural network prediction of log and core properties is second to none.  We make full use of Petroleum Software Technologies' software products, Rt-Mod, NNLAP, and SP-Mod.  

A partial list of services that we provide follows:

General Petrophysical Services

bulletDetermine water and hydrocarbon saturation and reserves
bulletEvaluate unconventional reservoirs
bulletField studies
bulletCustom petrophysical models

Editing and Project Management

bulletDigitize logs
bulletSplice logs
bulletDepth correct logs
bulletPatch bad data using synthetic logs
bulletNormalize data
bulletPlan and QC logging program
bulletPlan and QC routine and special core analysis
bulletDevelop database of field data

Neural Network services

bulletGenerate synthetic logs to complete data sets in a field
bulletIntegrate the core and log data
bulletTie log porosity to core porosity
bulletGenerate permeability models for a full field using limited core data
bulletModel bulk volume irreducible water (BVI)
bulletCalculate organic content of source rocks
bulletPredict open hole log data from cased hole logs
bulletPredict production logs from open hole logs
bulletPredict compressional and shear acoustic data from non-acoustic logs

Rt-Mod and SP-Mod services

bulletGenerate true resistivity values at half-meter resolutions using Rt-Mod.
bulletRemove thin bed and 'hydrocarbon' effects from SP using SP-Mod
bulletCalculate Rw from SP
bulletDetermine rock quality (SP-Mod combined with NNLAP)


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